Broke For Tomorrow - Volume 1

by Zombie Fight

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Broke for Tomorrow - Volume 1


released February 15, 2011


All songs written by Zombie Fight.

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By Big Lee @ Feet 1st Studios (NYC)



all rights reserved


Zombie Fight New York, New York

4 Dudes from NYC playing Hardcore cause we like it

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Track Name: Square One
Thought I had this figured out
should have quit wasting my time
we said would all be different
but now I see this time
All this trust, all this love
everything i gave now is gone
mistook my doubt for weakness
faith in me was lost
leaving us where we were
with the lies, deceit, and loathing of one who didn’t care
Hope, Faith and Trust
of one who tried to make it right
don’t talk to me like you know me
cause you never did.
Back to Square One
And these words on the tip of my tongue
so afraid to let them out
Cause what they mean to me
won’t matter at all to you
Track Name: The Smell of Deceit
Always running away
from everything you say
why even bother to open your mouth
No longer hear
what you say
‘Cause I’m through listening to you
Why can’t you just let it go
the more you talk the
deeper the hole grows
So called facts based on nothing but lies
with words so bold, they are so bold
that they go where no man’s gone before
and you think this is still affecting me
but we’re wise to your game
the only sucka left is you
you’ve been robbed blind of our trust
so keep digging that grave
‘cause that’s where your friendship will stay
Your lies have suffocated us for the last time
Your life is the only one destroyed
Your life’s the only one destroyed by your lies
Always running away
from everything you say
your poisonous thoughts
have filled the air we breathe
Track Name: Sick of
I‘m sick of feeling this way / it’s drained the life out of me and through this darkness I can see / It’s time to end
this all time low plaguing me / these foolish thoughts won’t hold me back / Sick of all this useless talk / sick of
walking in this fog / sick of feeling endless pain / need to find that joy again / so many times I’ve given up and
walked away / but not this time / I remeber when I was happy and I’ll recapture that joy once again / I’m tired
of living this way / decided it ends today / chose to ignore these signs of hope / and now I found a way to cope
Sick of Being...Sick of Being Bitter / Won’t stand for this no more / I am still here / not going anywhere / gotta
let me be me / and reclaim my identity / I am still here / not going anywhere / gotta let me be me /and reclaim
this identity
Track Name: Here Lies Terra...
You could have changed the world / And you asked me what I see / and I answered honestly / someone full of
promise and potential / you could have accomplished / anything you ever wanted / if you just believed in
yourself / what’s with all the self doubt that you have / don’t you know your capabilities / now we sit here in
despair / as we see all this anger in your heart / Blindsided by your rage / can’t believe how wrong we were /
you never saw the good you possessed inside / all we wanted was an answer / but does one even exist / has
this hate made your life complete / no idea where your head is at / what did we ever do to you /now we’re stuck
here as the fools / with only one option left to choose / you thought you weren’t free / but you had a choice / you
chose to hate / without cause without reason / now we must take you out / now it’s time to take you out / you
could have saved lives / you could have changed the world / but you let it drag you down / and i wish / wish we
knew when we met / things were gonna end like this / you were corrupted from the start /and now your time
has come to an end / you chose to hate / withouht cause without reason / you were corrupted from the start
and now your time has come to an end
Track Name: Wait It Out
What kind of choice is this / I’m not shocked at all / I’ve heard it all before / It sounds the same again and again
this time I’m prepared for the fall / should I sit and wait hoping for the best / or expect this system to fail me
once again / I’m done rolling the dice / wasted all the chances that I had / you finally got me without a fight
I don’t care / won’t even hold my breath or lose any rest / expect nothing but the best / I don’t care / won’t even
hold my breath or lose any rest expecting nothing but the best / I know how this plays out I won’t be fooled
again / already picked my poison / I know how this plays out I won’t be fooled again now just let it set in / don’t
need no antidote / my disappointment will keep me sane / I’m not waiting to die / I’m just searching for a piece
I’m still searching for some peace of mind / chose to sit and wait / for someone to lead the way / what an
awesome mistake / wasted all the chances that I had / to fix what was wrong